5 common areas that are often overlooked when cleaning a clinic.

5 common areas that are often overlooked when cleaning a clinic.

Understanding how to clean a medical clinic takes experience and knowledge. This article explores 5 common areas that are often overlooked when cleaning a clinic.

Walls and Ceilings

Although the floors are not forgotten about, walls and ceilings are often overlooked during clinic cleaning, even though they also hold significant importance. They can become dusty or even mouldy without appropriate care. Wiping down walls and ceilings can be done with special disinfectants.

Cleaning is not only about keeping the place free from contamination; it also ensures that the medical clinic is able to function. Therefore, if there are any problems with the lights on any of the ceilings, they should be replaced during a cleaning procedure.


Professional commercial cleaners understand the importance of a thorough bathroom clean, as it has the capacity to easily spread bacterium. When cleaning the bathroom, nothing should be overlooked. The mirror, handles and walls should all be appropriately cleaned. Any signage in the bathroom should also be wiped down.


Carpets trap dust and bacterium. The best way to ensure they meet industry standards is through professional carpet cleaning. Otherwise, the carpet may seem clean on the surface but still help the spread of viruses.

When it comes to hardwood floors, the problem is lessened, however many staff do not clean them as thoroughly as they should. Floors should be double mopped with a highly alcohol-grade disinfectant. This is the only way to sanitize and disinfect.

Waiting Room

The waiting room, if not carefully cleaned, can increase the spread of viruses in a medical clinic. Therefore, it is vital that high-touch items, such as children’s toys and books, be disinfected daily. If the items are unable to be disinfected, such as soft toys and dolls, they should be discarded. If an item shows signs of wear and tear, or if it is getting old, it should also be discarded.

If there is something eye-catching in the waiting room, such as a fish bowl, cleaners should ensure that it is actively cleaned. Fish tanks are high-touch items.

Front Desk

Every person passing through a medical clinic approaches the front desk at least once during their visit, however, the front desk is often overlooked. Pens, books, signs and any other object which is handled by a patient should be cleaned and disinfected. Staff should especially remember to clean the bell.

Staff should also clean their own personal areas, including the computers and books at the front desk, as they may be affected through cross-contamination.

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