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Specialist & Domestic


With the right equipment for the job, our Brisbane and Gold Coast cleaning services can save you the time, energy and from the risks associated with tackling your window cleaning unaided. Immaculate windows inside and out, all with a streak free guarantee.


There are times when you may feel like vacuuming alone isn’t enough. That’s where our carpet cleaning services really shine. Dirt, dust mites and other hidden nasties are extracted with efficiency, leaving carpets, rugs and upholstery huggably clean.


You may stay on top of the daily dishes, but what about those evaded areas? Inside your oven. Underneath the fridge. On top of your bathroom cabinets. From a daily spruce to an intensive spring clean – let us take care of your entire to-do list of home cleaning qualms.



It’s the first impression that lingers the longest. We’re here to ensure the first impression of your office space sticks for all the right reasons. From daily upkeep to weekly cleans, we tailor personalised cleaning programs to keep work environments pristine and productive.


With all the sticky fingers and incessant foot traffic, schools, day care centres and colleges lend themselves as the perfect storm for suspicious smells and germs . Our Brisbane and Gold Coast cleaning services whisk away the daily build-up with no compromise on the highest cleaning standards. Let us tailor a cleaning schedule to fit your busy timetable.


From resort entries to high rise foyers, you want your common areas to look anything but common. Our team will shine, polish and disinfect your high traffic spaces with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business demands.

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Cleanroom Standards


When it comes to laboratory cleaning, training and expertise reign supreme. You need a team that can counter contaminates in the most highly-controlled environments. Our cleaning solutions are codified, specified and checked every step of the way, for quality assured.


As a space that is constantly exposed to hygiene breaches, our cleaning solutions are consistent and cost-effective.


Medical facilities and hospitals experience constant foot traffic and a perpetual plethora of bacteria and infection. That said, controlling and managing hygiene may seem like an uphill battle. But with stringent programs that extend far beyond general cleanliness, we can safeguard the health of both patients and staff.

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