Reboot life to a clean house and office this Labour Day!

Reboot life to a clean house and office this Labour Day!

Get your house spick and span and attractively ready for the rest of the season ahead. For best results, you must get professional cleaners.

In fact, this public holiday is a perfect opportunity to get your office cleaned too. By bringing in professional cleaners to work their magic in your office space on this day, you will be returning to a work schedule that begins on a really fresh note! And what better gift to yourself and your team of Labour Day than investing in a fresher workspace? Clean workspaces guarantee better health – both physical and mental for all while clearing out allergens, germs and everything that can may you fall ill.

While you could take time out of your busy schedule, life’s little stressors and many commitments and get around to cleaning your home yourself, calling in professional cleaners helps you in more ways than one. Firstly, professional cleaners come in with their own team and have expertise, niche knowledge and specialise in cleaning out all kinds of dirt, stain, smudge and dust. While you could run internet searches to find cleaning hacks, they come in with years of practice and some organic and/or chemical magic tricks only known to them! Moreover, having your place professionally cleaned once in a while is sure to keep pests out and clear out all signs of them if they had been around before.

A clean home or office is said to attract good luck. But more importantly, it gives a great feeling for those staying and working in it, comes across as welcoming for guests and professional and trustworthy for clients and customers and helps everyone to get their work done faster, relax and be comfortable.

So take this day off – afterall it is Labour Day and you absolutely must celebrate the hard work and tight schedule you have kept for the entire year before and let professional cleaners come in and do the job!

Outsource your cleaning and take a perfect holiday!

Are you wondering at this point, how to go about getting the cleaning done? Often we choose to do our cleaning ourselves because even though professional cleaners come in with their own staff, we feel the need to supervise them.

Doing background checks and making sure we have the right people on board takes time and energy – which very frankly, in our busy lives is difficult to invest in. But when you outsource, you are essentially solving all of these knots and making it a really smooth road to cleaning, yes! Your first and foremost winning deal when you outsource is of course the cost advantage.

Save money!

When you outsource your cleaning you no longer have to worry about spending on background checks, interviews and references. You also need not worry about being cheated, trying to figure out market rates based on some complicated vendor to vendor based calculations and more. You actually end up saving money.

Then there is the factor of amazing efficiency.

Save time!

When you outsource, you are essentially calling in the experts. Experts are efficient in managing their time as well as working within your desired time limit. Moreover because they know their job, have done it numerous times before, they are able to deliver their best services even in limited time. And you don’t need to sit on their heads to get your work done!

Also, you get to enjoy skilled service.

Access great resources.

Outsourcing cleaning would have you being serviced by a team that is made of skilled professionals. So you actually get more than just one person’s skill set when it comes to the job. You have several people with their specific skill sets coming together to get you the perfect cleaning, at one go! So no more running around, repeat calls and co-ordinating and managing multiple people for the task.

No Stress!

Imagine if you had to dial, negotiate, follow up with and ensure the service of a bunch of different people for cleaning different things in your office or home – it is sure to cause shudders. But instead, if you are outsourcing, you end up interacting with only one interface or one person and voila! your home and/or office has a new sheen to it in no time.

If you are in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area or anywhere else, we at Worth Every Cent Cleaning are just a call away!

When you outsource your commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning to us, you are effectively choosing expertise, relaxation, zero stress and fantastic cleaning at one go! You no longer need to worry about staff, getting a thorough job done and more. We literally are “Worth Every Cent”.

We are going to give you the best service and absolutely the most sparkling cleaning job ever! With the best, new, tried and tested cleaning methods, you can truly relax while we are on the job. We take pride in our work, thoroughly enjoy it, are committed to give you the best service and are constantly adapting new and improved methods.

For instance, we have ensured that our clients never have to face the soggy socks and wet carpet situation again while having stains from their carpets removed. We have perfected the method which uses really low moisture, is eco-friendly and gives you a stellar dry, clean and perfect carpeted space in less than an hour! And we do not stop at that, the products that we use repel dirt letting you enjoy a clean carpeted space for longer than any other method would let you. With us, you truly can say goodbye to stains. And that’s just carpets.

We have a superbly trained, experienced, professional and well managed team that takes the best care of your home and office cleaning needs. So, you can go ahead and plan a holiday around this time, leaving it all to us!

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