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Cleanroom Standard Services


Are you looking for professional, fully certified cleaning services for your laboratory, operation rooms, medical instruments and equipment? Worth Every Cent Cleaning has just what you’re looking for. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services that meet all international cleanroom standards such as GMP, TGA and ISO.

We offer high quality commercial cleaning services that are specially geared to suit the needs of medical facilities and laboratories. When it comes to medical cleaning, we understand the importance of eliminating contamination and maintaining impeccable hygiene levels. That’s why, we adhere to international cleanroom standards to provide you with safe, thorough and reliable cleaning services.


Adherence to International Standards

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing commercial cleaning services of the highest standard and quality. Especially when it comes to our clinic cleaning, hospital cleaning, medical cleaning and medical equipment cleaning services, we strive to comply with internationally certified standards. That’s why, we have tailored our commercial cleaning services to align with international cleanroom standards for everything from air cleanliness to equipment cleaning processes.


Our Cleanroom Services

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services that adhere to international cleanroom standards. Our team of professionals is fully trained and licensed to carry out the following cleaning services:

  • Medical centre cleaning
  • Medical equipment cleaning
  • Clinic cleaning
  • Hospital cleaning


Book Professional Cleanroom Services Today

Make sure your laboratory, clinic, surgery rooms and more are meeting international cleanroom standards with Worth Every Cent Cleaning. With support from our professional cleaners and modern cleaning technologies that align with international cleanroom standards, we are here to ensure a safe and contaminant-free environment in your medical facilities and laboratories. For all your medical cleaning needs, contact us on 1300 854 401 or enquire online.