Apartment Cleaning Living in an apartment is lovely, especially if your space is kept clean and clutter-free. Worth Every Cent Cleaning is proud to provide professional apartment cleaning throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both once-off and regularly depending on what you need. With our apartment cleaning services, you can come home to a clean [...]
Commercial Building Cleaning For efficient cleaning services for your home or office, building, shop, or school, Worth Every Cent Cleaning is here to lead the way, providing regular weekly commercial cleaning services at affordable prices for businesses throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Over the years, many office building managers and business owners have discovered [...]
Corporate Cleaning No one does corporate cleaning better than Worth Every Cent Cleaning. Our passionate team of cleaners have proudly served many corporate clients throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the years, providing commercial contract cleaning on demand. Whether you require weekly cleaning or once-off corporate cleaning services, calling us is the best choice [...]
Industrial Cleaning Worth Every Cent Cleaning has been one of Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s leading commercial cleaning companies since 2004. Our industrial cleaning services are truly second-to-none, thanks to our strong work ethic and commitment to providing the best possible experience. If you’re interested in regular commercial industrial cleaning for your facility, we would [...]
Restaurant Cleaning Worth Every Cent Cleaning is an established leader in commercial cleaning services for Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our detailed restaurant cleaning services are in demand, thanks to our dedicated work ethic and impressive attention to detail. If you manage a restaurant and you want to arrange regular cleaning, our terrific team is [...]
Cleanroom Standard Are you looking for professional, fully certified cleaning services for your laboratory, operation rooms, medical instruments and equipment? Worth Every Cent Cleaning has just what you’re looking for. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services that meet all international cleanroom standards such as GMP, TGA and ISO. We offer high quality commercial [...]
Commercial Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Are you looking for professional, thorough and reliable cleaning services for your office, building, shop space or school? Of course you are! The team at Worth Every Cent Cleaning can help with just that! We offer a comprehensive range of Brisbane and Gold Coast commercial cleaning services for businesses, [...]
Surgery & Clinic Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) When it comes to healthcare services, we understand how crucial it is to maintain a clean, bacteria-free environment, and our team has the skills and expertise to create that environment! We are a professional cleaning company offering a comprehensive range of clinic cleaning and doctor’s surgery cleaning [...]
Common Areas Common areas should look anything but average. Whether it's your grand entrance, lounge, lifts or outdoor areas - it's nice to know your shared spaces are looking their best. If you're new to enlisting a professional cleaner, you'll be amazed at the difference it can make. And for those seeking a team that [...]
Medical Centre & Hospital Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Medical facilities and hospitals experience constant foot traffic and a perpetual plethora of bacteria and infection. That said, controlling and managing hygiene isn't an insurmountable task, if you have the right systems in place. Our stringent disinfection and sanitisation programs extend far beyond general cleanliness, safeguarding [...]
Specialist Cleaning Are you looking for a company that provides all your specialist cleaning needs? Worth Every Cent Cleaning is just the place for you! We are a professional cleaning company offering a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning services to businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning and [...]
Office Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Healthy employees are happy employees, and ensuring your office is a buzzing hive of productivity starts with a pristine work environment. We've been in the business of Brisbane and Gold Coast office cleaning for more than 15 years. That equates to a lot of keyboard dusting, water-cooler filling and [...]
Window Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Whether you work in an office or a medical clinic, windows are a big part of your business success. Clean windows provide natural sunlight, improve your mood, and ensure your business is looking its best from the inside and out. When you’re staring out your office windows, you want [...]
House Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Relax! Your Domestic Cleaning Is all taken care of…. We all have better things to do than spend our time doing house-hold chores. Cleaning the house, mopping the floors, dusting… the list goes on! Surely you would much rather be spending your time on the things that you actually [...]
Laboratory Cleaning Does Your Laboratory Need Cleaning to G.M.P. and T.G.A. Standards? We have found in our experience that regular maintenance is an essential component of good laboratory practice. A poorly maintained laboratory can cause delays, corrupt investigations, higher rejection rates and hinder business goals and profits. Whether your laboratory is a small soft-wall enclosure [...]
Carpet Cleaning (Brisbane & Gold Coast) There is something magical about walking on a soft, clean carpet that feels good underneath your feet, especially if it has just been laid. However, that very same carpet can quickly resemble a dirt track if it isn’t properly cleaned. Nobody likes dirty carpets, so don’t put up with [...]
School Cleaning Start each school day with a clean slate. Our school cleaning services range from daycare centres to colleges, all with a focus on triumphing over sticky fingers and food crumbs to create a hygienic and fresh learning environment. Our director Andrew Bain, of Worth Every Cent Cleaning, will meet at your educational facility [...]