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The team of Brisbane commercial cleaners at Worth Every Cent Cleaning can help with just that! We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services for businesses, corporate offices, schools, and lots more. With more than 15 years of industry experience, our team is uniquely positioned to cater to all your cleaning needs. Using eco-friendly products, a high quality of workmanship, and personalised service, we can help keep things neat and clean all the time!

Commercial Cleaning

Are you looking for professional, thorough and reliable cleaning services for your office, building, shop space or school? Of course you are!

The team at Worth Every Cent Cleaning can help with just that! We offer a comprehensive range of Brisbane commercial cleaning services for businesses, corporate offices, schools, and lots more. With more than 15 years of industry experience, our team is uniquely positioned to cater to all your cleaning needs. Using eco-friendly products, a high quality of workmanship, and personalised service, we can help keep things neat and clean all the time!

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Personalised For Your Work Environment

Since 2004, Worth Every Cent Cleaning has become one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane. We are known for our professional, personalised service which is specially geared to your unique needs. For all commercial cleaning and corporate cleaning, we first provide a thorough consultation. This allows us to determine your requirements beforehand, so we can customise our service and help you achieve a hygienic, healthy and productive work environment.

Eco-Friendly Products

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we believe in protecting you, our client, as well as the environment. That’s why we use eco-friendly cleaning products so your work environment is healthy and safe. We can also use any special cleaning product you require, as long as you provide the product.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is different from domestic cleaning and is best suited to large spaces that cater to multiple stakeholders. At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, our team has the skills and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of Brisbane commercial cleaning services to all kinds of businesses and facilities. Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • School cleaning
  • Corporate cleaning
  • Building cleaning
  • Shop space cleaning

Why Choose Worth Every Cent Cleaning?

Since our company’s inception, over 15 years ago, we’ve sought to continually refine and evolve our commercial cleaning services, based on what our customers have indicated is most valuable to their business; unwavering dependability, economical pricing, an ability to take on all manner of cleaning duties across a diverse range of settings and the use of eco-friendly products that are safe for the environment and staff alike.

Professional Commercial Cleaners Who Understand the Unique Complexities of Your Business

  • We provide commercial cleaning services for all commercial sectors throughout Brisbane
  • Our personnel are specialists in the cleaning of retail spaces and vast industrial factories
  • We are frequently tasked with cleaning and maintaining strata properties and units
  • Our team guarantee that all hospitals and medical centres are meticulously cleaned and kept in a state of pristine condition at all times
  • We offer commercial grade high pressure cleaning of all hard surfaces
  • We specialise in the cleaning of car parks for all residential and commercial precincts
  • We provide first class hotel and motel cleaning services, with all rooms and common areas cleaned to an immaculate standard
  • Our staff are proficient in the professional cleaning of all gym and fitness facilities, ensuring that they are kept 100% dirt, grime and bacteria-free, something which is especially important during COVID
  • We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services for all schools, universities, childcare centres and all other educational facilities
  • We are highly experienced in the cleaning of all manufacturing plants and other large industrial spaces, ensuring that they satisfy the stringent cleanliness and sanitary requirements outlined by each respective industry
  • Our personnel are fully qualified and highly trained to provide commercial cleaning services to all public and private sectors
  • We specialise in the provision of cleaning services for libraries, galleries, museums and similar institutions

Our Brisbane Commercial Cleaning Services

Our goal at Worth Every Cent Cleaning is to provide our clients with:

  • The utmost value for each dollar they invest in commercial cleaning
  • Maximise the longevity of all building premises through the application of professional and responsible care
  • An impeccably clean, odour-free and hygienic workspace for all employees and guests alike

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Is Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane The Answer For You?

It does not matter in what particular business sector you operate. Providing a clean environment for your staff and customers is a necessity due to health reasons and making a good impression. If you are looking for someone to do your commercial cleaning in Brisbane, Worth Every Cent Cleaning is the efficient choice, and by reading on, you’ll know precisely why you should contact us today.

How Much Do You Know About Commercial Janitorial Services

    • Straight question, that. If your answer is in the affirmative, skip to the next heading because you know why you must call us in. However, if not, then definitely consider the following points:
      • Whether you have some retail space, a hospital, vast industrial factories or a child-care centre, doing the cleaning by yourself will soon make you realise that not only is the work time-consuming, it also requires knowledge of cleaning materials and governmental health standards, meticulous attention to detail and a mindset revolving around mops and polish.
      • Most times, you need specialised equipment, as for the commercial-grade high-pressure cleaning of hard surfaces or the deep shampooing of carpets. Even a simple window requires skill and the right materials for a streak-free result. This is most times a considerable investment, one without any significant returns.
      • However, the biggest consideration is the value factor. Obviously, you can employ someone, but will that person be busy cleaning the commercial office the whole day, getting in the way of both staff and clients? Not a good impression if meetings have to be held at a shout because the vacuum cleaner is howling in the corridor. Soon you will employ more cleaning staff to get the work done before starting with your day’s work.
      • There must be a simpler, less expensive option for ensuring your workplace remains spick and span at all times, without any offensive odours driving customers and clients to your competitors? Well.

How Much Do You Know About Commercial Janitorial Services

      • You have made the smart choice of hiring professionals to clean your commercial premises. Now you must make an even smarter choice in deciding who will do the job. There are several companies to choose from, so you should check if they offer the same level of commitment as we do:
      • We use eco-friendly cleaning products certified as 100 percent safe to ensure a healthy environment for staff and visitors. The relevant Material Safety Data Sheets will be presented once you have engaged our services. We are also willing to use any products you may specify, provided you supply the product.
      • Our staff are trained and experienced in cleaning a wide variety of businesses and facilities, including motels, schools, libraries, museums, gymnasiums, car parks, and manufacturing plants and factories. All cleaning staff undergo a compulsory police background check and are covered by up to $20 million of public liability insurance.
      • Clients can choose between several flexible cleaning schedules, and our staff can do the job either early in the morning or at night after regular business hours. Our janitorial cleaning services are also available seven days a week, at moment’s call, in case of any dirty emergency. We will also complete all required tasks on the scheduled day within the agreed-upon timeframe.
      • If you are still in doubt about our suitability and ability, do contact us for a thorough consultation to determine your unique requirements and customise our service. We even offer a free cleaning to show you the quality of our work. No obligation, no hidden cost and no lock-in contract.
      • Seriously? Do you still feel you should even consider any other commercial cleaning contractors?

About Worth Every Cent Cleaning

A family-owned, pure Australian business, we are on-call seven days a week, at a moment’s notice, providing commercial cleaning services for customers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Upper Coomera to Burleigh Heads. We know how vital a sanitary environment is for everyone’s health and safety, so we won’t disappoint.

Contact us for a complimentary cleaning consultation, and we’ll do a free cleaning to convince you of the quality of our work! No hidden cost and no lock-in contracts.


6 reasons to choose us.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • A passion for customer service
  • Fully insured, for peace of mind
  • Trained and Professional Staff
  • Highest Quality Services
  • No job is too big, or too small


The top 4 benefits, we stand by.

affordable commercial cleaning


Cost effective cleaning rates without compromising on quality or service

Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable

We will complete all tasks on the scheduled day of cleaning within the time frame agreed upon


Fully Insured

We have all the necessary insurances in place for your peace of mind.



We’re conscious about nature so we use eco-friendly products to reduce harm on the environment.


from our happy customers

Client 01

Chris Mobbs

A month ago
Andrew and his team gave us amazing service at competitive pricing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Worth Every Cent Cleaning!
Thank you

Client 02

Dean Kenway

A month ago
Looking for that gold old fashioned friendly service? Andrew and his team are “worth every cent”! You won’t be disappointed, this business prides themselves with integrity and enthusiasm.

Client 03

Heidi Sperling

3 months ago
Andrew and the team are fantastic. Not only thorough and professional but always willing to go the extra mile! Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


Darren Bell

5 months ago
I engaged the services of Worth Every Cent cleaning after they had been recommended to us. They were prompt, professional and they left the premises immaculate. I would confidently recommend them to anyone.

photo (2)

Jared Engwirda

2 years ago
Phenomenal service from the worth every cent Team, arrived on time and the attention to detail was terrific.

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