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Our commercial cleaning services include dusting, mopping, scrubbing and so much more. Your corporate space will look brand new once we complete our cleaning work, which both your staff and your clients can appreciate.

Corporate Cleaning (Brisbane)

No one does corporate cleaning better than Worth Every Cent Cleaning. Our passionate team of cleaners have proudly served many corporate clients throughout Brisbane over the years, providing commercial contract cleaning on demand. Whether you require weekly cleaning or once-off corporate cleaning services, calling us is the best choice you can make. We have concentrated corporate cleaning teams who will take care of your office efficiently.

With more than 15 years of experience in business cleaning services, our cleaners have the knowledge and tools to clean your counters, carpet, floors and windows. With enthusiasm and expertise, our team is prepared to clean your corporate office until it truly shines and sparkles.

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Cleaning Results You Can See

Your organisation is busy, and that means you won’t always have the time or resources to handle cleaning chores. That’s where Worth Every Cent Cleaning comes in. Our commercial cleaners will wash down your counters, get rid of cobwebs and scrub your floors. Plus, we provide high pressure cleaning and garden watering for a truly comprehensive clean. Every room and every surface of your corporate space will be cleaned by the ultimate professionals who care about the work they do. You can really see the difference when our cleaners pack up for the day.

Customisable Corporate Cleaning

Worth Every Cent Cleaning has built a reputation on providing cost effective cleaning services without compromising on quality. For all of our corporate clients, we develop a customised cleaning schedule tailored to suit their cleaning needs. We will do the same for you, sitting down to talk about your requirements and expectations. We want to fully understand all aspects of your cleaning needs, so that we can fulfil them and achieve the best clean possible. You can count on our Brisbane corporate cleaners to do an amazing job, every time.

Corporate Cleaners

What Are Corporate Cleaners?

You might think that corporate cleaners are professionals who come in and streamline your business operations by closing down unprofitable departments and branch offices, or disconnect the air-conditioning during the summer to save on electricity costs. The reality is that corporate cleaners such as us are professionals whom your business contracts to clean corporate offices spotlessly. The removal of dust and the mopping of floors are just pieces of what we do within this critical job that every business requires regularly.

Benefits of Quality Commercial Cleaning

  • Professionals spend, on average, more than forty hours per week at the office. That fact means lots of individuals in confined spaces, not counting all the clients. Keeping such an environment clean is not easy, because:
  • Staff continuously drink coffee and eat sandwiches at their desks. Spillage and crumbs are inevitable. If you do not enlist regular cleanings, pests will soon discover the endless boon of yummy food and take residence behind filing cabinets. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also carry and transmit diseases.
  • The inventor who finally invents a self-cleaning window will have the whole universe at her feet, but until that glorious day arrives, we deal with the daily build-up of filth and grime distorting our view of the outside world. Currently, the only solution is regular cleaning—and doing it by hand is one of the most-hated jobs to tackle alone.
  • A dirty office creates a bad impression on clients, no matter how skilled you and your staff are at doing their work. This fact is especially true in the current climate of global pandemics, which necessitates the thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces.
  • You can employ dedicated staff for the task, but that choice adds extra admin and stock control to your busy schedule. Do yourself a favour and admit that a business cleaning company is the ideal solution for keeping your offices clean and healthy.

What Sets Worth Every Cent Cleaning Apart Regarding Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane?

  • There are a few commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane to choose from for the task. While most companies are capable of keeping offices neat and tidy, when you choose Worth Every Cent Cleaning, you receive the following:
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are certified 100% safe to ensure a healthy environment for staff and visitors. You’ll receive our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) once you have engaged our services. We are also willing to use any cleaning products that you may specify, provided that you supply the product, and it conforms to our rigid safety standards.
  • Our staff is trained and experienced in cleaning a wide variety of businesses and offices, including car parks and windows, making us a versatile option among commercial cleaning contractors in Brisbane. All our cleaning staff undergo compulsory police background checks and respect the confidentiality of any documents or materials on desks. Our staff and company are covered by up to $20 million of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Clients can choose between several flexible cleaning schedules, and our staff can do the job either early in the morning or at night after normal business hours. We are also available seven days per week, at a moment’s call, in case of any emergency.
  • We will complete all required cleaning tasks on the scheduled day within the agreed-upon timeframe—a point of pride for our team.
  • If you are still in doubt about our suitability and ability, contact us for a thorough consultation to determine your unique requirements and customise our service. We even offer a free cleaning to show you the quality of our work with no obligation, no hidden costs, and no lock-in contract.

Fun Facts About Worth Every Cent Cleaning

  • As a commercial cleaner in Brisbane, we are serious about our work and proud of our extensive experience in the industry.


  • Established in 2004, we’ve grown over the years into a large family. Occupational health safety is vital, and for us, it is a shared responsibility achieved through team spirit.
  • We are not limited to cleaning offices: our staff is also trained and capable of cleaning vast industrial factories, gymnasiums, schools, and medical facilities, all to our strict high standards.
    For medical cleaning, we use colour-coded mops and wipes to prevent cross-contamination and always dispose of waste materials in a responsible manner.
  • Worth Every Cent Cleaning is a family-owned Australian business that can provide corporate cleaning services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Upper Coomera to Burleigh Heads. We know how important a clean and sanitary environment is for everyone’s health and safety, so we won’t disappoint in our attention to detail.


  • Contact us for a free cleaning consultation, and we’ll perform a free cleaning to convince you of the quality of our work.

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