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Healthy employees are happy employees, and ensuring your office is a buzzing hive of productivity starts with a pristine work environment.

We’ve been in the business of Brisbane office cleaning for more than 15 years. That equates to a lot of keyboard dusting, water-cooler filling and pot plant loving. By supporting your workplace with our comprehensive range of office cleaning services, you can make more time for the work that matters most.

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What Our Services Include

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy and organised work environment. We know how health and safety contributes to increased productivity, and that’s why, we strive to offer you with a comprehensive, customised range of commercial office cleaning services. Our basic office cleaning services include:

  • Dusting of all desks and CPUs
  • Waste bin gathering, collection & removal
  • Vacuuming & mopping of floors
  • Reception area cleaning
  • Wiping and disinfecting doorknobs, telephones and light switches
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen, sinks and counter tops
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  • Sanitising lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc.
  • Internal and external window and blind cleaning
  • Cleaning light fixtures, baseboards, etc.
  • Replenishing paper towels, toilet paper, and re-lining of garbage bins
  • Removing tough stains from counters, tiles, tubs, and more


We strive to maintain our leading position for office cleaning in Brisbane by providing you with thorough, tailor-made commercial office cleaning services. Our fully insured and professionally trained team adheres to international office cleaning standards and uses only eco-friendly cleaning products for all jobs. We are known for our exceptional attention to detail, and have extensive knowledge of all commercial cleaning processes.

Why Choose Worth Every Cent Cleaning?

Since the establishment of our company back in 2004, we have endeavoured to continuously advance and improve our office cleaning services; not only by embracing the latest technologies and industry practices, but by acting upon the feedback that we receive from our loyal clients who desire a cleaning company that is dependable, affordably priced, and flexible enough to work effectively in a wide range of different environments, all while using cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and completely safe.

Our Point of Difference

  • Highly trained staff that are fully OHS compliant and utilise the very latest in industry cleaning equipment and cleaning products
  • All of our personnel are police checked to guarantee total safety
  • All staff are covered by $20 million of Public Liability Insurance
  • NO hidden costs
  • NO lock-in contracts
  • Polite, courteous and professional team
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Tremendous value for money

Professional office cleaning services for businesses throughout Brisbane

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we understand the crucial role that presentation plays in conveying a sense of pride and professionalism to your business clients and ultimately, how it helps to convert these prospects into loyal customers. For this reason, we stop at nothing to ensure that our office cleaning services are of the highest standards.

Beyond helping to create an outstanding first impression with your clients, an impeccably clean and hygienic office also makes your own staff feel appreciated. This boosts their morale and results in a more enjoyable and efficient work environment.

Experience and Expertise

Utilising the very latest in office cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products, the team at Worth Every Cent Cleaning are able to provide exceptional clean services time and time again. All personnel have considerable experience working in a diverse range of commercial environments and have a meticulous eye for detail that guarantees even the smallest specks of dirt and grime are eradicated.

Office cleaning services that are flawless each time, every time

It’s an unfortunate reality that many office cleaning companies throughout Brisbane, have a tendency to become complacent over time, safe in the knowledge that they are cleaning for a long-term business client whose loyalty will never fade or falter. As time goes by, you may find yourself noticing areas in your office that haven’t been cleaned thoroughly enough – or at all.

If this sounds like you, then it may be time to give us a call. We can create a customised cleaning plan that is perfectly suited to your business.

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, we never overlook even the finest details and don’t ever take our clients for granted. With our highly trained cleaning staff, quality assurance checks and routine cleaning audits, we deliver the utmost in professional office cleaning.

Office cleaning that is performed responsibly and respectfully

There’s a lot more to cleaning offices than just the common areas, kitchens and bathrooms. For many office employees, their personal cubicles contain more than just their everyday work equipment such as computers and other essentials; their private workspace may also be adorned with items and effects that they hold near and dear to them. That’s why our team always takes extra care to not only clean office spaces, but do so in a responsible manner which is respectful to those who work there.

At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, you can depend on us to handle the biggest tasks, without fear of us ever compromising the smaller ones.

Office Cleaning Services Brisbane

See What Office Cleaning Services in Brisbane Can Do for You

Do you need professional office cleaning services in Brisbane? If you have an office, you do. At Worth Every Cent Cleaning, our cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable about cleaning a wide range of business environments, from offices to schools, from restaurants to industrial areas.

Benefits of Professional Office and Business Cleaning Services

  • Can you handle cleaning tasks in-house for a business? You can try, but there are some pretty compelling reasons to outsource this job to professional office cleaners.
  • A safer, healthier work environment. The health of your employees is a serious concern, now more than ever. Most businesses are interested in operating in more environmentally friendly ways. A professional office cleaner in Brisbane can provide you with a complete clean using green cleaning products that do not linger in the air or fill your office with overly perfumed smells. Keeping your workspace clean can help slow the spread of disease and decrease problems associated with allergies. Helping your employees stay healthy means fewer missed workdays and better productivity.
  • Long-term cost savings. If you are trying to handle cleaning on your own (or using a less competent cleaning company), you may be missing some crucial details that can make a big difference in the appearance of your workspace. Dust may linger on shelves or blinds; odours may linger on furniture. Using professional cleaners can help ensure that your office is cleaned properly each time. It enables you to avoid problems such as heavily soiled carpets that become permanently stained and require replacement sooner than they would otherwise. These cost savings can be significant over time.
  • A positive, professional appearance. No matter what kind of business you operate, you want it to appear clean and neat for your employees and customers. The image you project to your customers has a direct impact on your overall success. Maintaining a smart, clean, sanitary office or store helps you make a good impression on the people who visit – and, in turn, helps them form a better opinion of your products or services. A thorough cleaning of your workspace includes many critical steps that a less experienced cleaner might miss.
  • Fewer sick days. When your employees spread illnesses to one another and miss work because of it, your business suffers. Whether a virus or other illness affects your sales, delivery, or another area, it’s vital to minimise the spread of disease in the workplace. Furthermore, not all employees who are sick will stay home – they often come to work anyway and then spread germs as they move through the office, touching surfaces and interacting with others. Regular professional cleanings are key to helping your team stay healthier and reducing the spread of the latest virus.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Office Cleaning Services

  • Many people may think that they’re getting their offices and workspaces clean, but they may be missing important details. If you aren’t using professional office cleaners in Brisbane, you may be making some of these common mistakes.
  • Using the wrong materials. Certain cleaning activities, such as dusting, require specific products and tools. Untrained cleaners often use the wrong products and tools for the job, potentially causing damage. For instance, the wrong solution can significantly damage your expensive carpet to the point that you’ll have to replace it much sooner than you would have. Hiring professional office cleaning contractors is the best way to protect your office and everything in it.
  • Dusting with dry cloths. Dusting surfaces with a dry cloth is one of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning offices (or homes). A dry cloth does nothing but scatter the dust particles into the air, where they will aggravate allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals and then resettle on your desks, shelves, floors, blinds, and more. Trained professional cleaners use specific types of cleaning materials to trap dust and remove it efficiently and in a way that won’t cause irritation in those with allergies.
  • Using abrasive cleaning materials. Just because a cleaning product is available doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one for the job. An abrasive cloth of cleaning solution can cause damage to your property or inventory, such as scratches on computer monitors, TV screens, sinks, or countertops. It’s essential to use the right cleaning product for each task. Commercial office cleaners in Brisbane have all the products and tools they need to clean your entire office safely and effectively.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Brisbane Office Cleaning

  • When you work with Worth Every Cent Cleaning, you’ll quickly discover the meaning of our name. We focus on providing exceptional services to keep your entire workspace sparkling clean for you, your employees, and your customers or clients. Here are a few things you can expect when you choose us as your office cleaning agency.
  • Affordable prices. We don’t believe that top-notch service must mean premium prices. We focus on providing competitive cleaning rates while refusing to compromise on the quality of our services. We offer excellent customer service and cleaning service for prices you can afford – without cutting corners or skimping on your cleaning.
  • Fast and reliable service. You will never have to wonder where we are or why we didn’t show up for your cleaning appointment. When we agree on a day and time, you can rest assured that we’ll be there. Furthermore, we’ll complete all tasks on the scheduled day and within the agreed-upon time frame. We know how valuable your time is, and we’ll do exactly what we say we’ll do so that we relieve your stress as a business owner rather than adding to it.
  • Fully insured. You’ll never have to worry when we are your cleaners. We have all the necessary and recommended insurances in place so that you can have peace of mind. That means that should our cleaners damage something, you won’t have to worry – we will take care of it. If you handle cleaning tasks and damage something yourself, you’ll be responsible – potentially for some very expensive repairs.
  • Eco-friendly services. We make protecting the environment a major focus when we choose cleaning products. We’re conscious about nature and want to help it stay as healthy as possible. For that reason, we are careful to use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t harm the planet. We believe taking care of our environment is everyone’s job, and we do our part.
  • vvA range of services. We can handle all your commercial cleaning needs from top to bottom. We offer professional office cleaning to help you make a great first impression on your customers. We can also clean schools and day-care centres. If you operate a hotel or resort and need cleaning services for your high-traffic common areas, we have you covered – with minimal disruption to your business.

About Worth Every Cent Cleaning

We are a commercial cleaning company offering office deep cleaning services in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Whether your cleaning needs are small and simple or large and complex, we can help. We are happy to provide you with an office cleaning quote in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and even offer a free clean so that you can see the quality of our work for yourself.

We are an experienced team of professional cleaners, and we look forward to working with you to keep your workspace clean so that you can spend your time and energy on more important things, like running your business. Contact us today to schedule a quote.


6 reasons to choose us.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • A passion for customer service
  • Fully insured, for peace of mind
  • Trained and Professional Staff
  • Highest Quality Services
  • No job is too big, or too small


The top 4 benefits, we stand by.

affordable commercial cleaning


Cost effective cleaning rates without compromising on quality or service

Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable

We will complete all tasks on the scheduled day of cleaning within the time frame agreed upon


Fully Insured

We have all the necessary insurances in place for your peace of mind.



We’re conscious about nature so we use eco-friendly products to reduce harm on the environment.


from our happy customers

Client 01

Chris Mobbs

A month ago
Andrew and his team gave us amazing service at competitive pricing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Worth Every Cent Cleaning!
Thank you

Client 02

Dean Kenway

A month ago
Looking for that gold old fashioned friendly service? Andrew and his team are “worth every cent”! You won’t be disappointed, this business prides themselves with integrity and enthusiasm.

Client 03

Heidi Sperling

3 months ago
Andrew and the team are fantastic. Not only thorough and professional but always willing to go the extra mile! Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


Darren Bell

5 months ago
I engaged the services of Worth Every Cent cleaning after they had been recommended to us. They were prompt, professional and they left the premises immaculate. I would confidently recommend them to anyone.

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Jared Engwirda

2 years ago
Phenomenal service from the worth every cent Team, arrived on time and the attention to detail was terrific.

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