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Spring cleaning around Christmas

Hospital Standard

Spring cleaning around Christmas

Christmas is one annual event that marks meeting up with friends and family, gifts, taking break from our routine life and enjoying the holidays. When you are going have guests over to your place, you would want everything to look spick and span wouldn’t you? Hence to make your house, guest and festive season ready, you may want to do some cleaning.

Why clean?

After the cold winter season without much sun entering the house, it is an ideal time to freshen up your home by opening the windows and let some fresh air in. During the winter, the house must have accumulated dust, grime, developed mold and cobwebs. All this will surely trigger allergies- constant sneezing or headache or fatigue in general.

Where to clean?

Curtains and carpets: Both accumulate a lot of dust, grime and also cobwebs. Carpets are a house of allergies with mold, dust mite feces and pets walking all over it.

Lights: dust and dirt builds up on lights. Once the lights are clean the house automatically looks brighter and livelier.

Closet: It is one place that always gets messy, spilling with woolen garments at the moment, you must surely send them off for dry-cleaning and re-arrange the closet for spring.

Kitchen cabinets and windows: Wipe the stained glass panels and also clean the inside of the cabinets. A well-organized kitchen cabinet will come handy when guests are over.

Overall, while cleaning, keep in mind that you get rid of all stains and odours from your home. If there are patches on the wall, paint them. The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom may have caught stains, make them sparkly again. Also don’t forget to clean the silverware you are planning to flaunt in frount your guests.

Do keep in mind not to ransack the whole house at one go. Take one room at a time. Make boxes to dump stuff that you haven’t used in a long time. Once you’re done with cleaning, you’ll really notice the difference. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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